Jaggery Cookies To Amaranth Chocolate Brownie: Head Here For Healthy Desserts

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The road to health and fitness should not necessarily lead to abstinence from all the good things in life like dessert! Team LBB’s pushing back, and are giving you ways you can indulge in all things creamy, chocolate-y and sweet without any of the guilt involved, because believe it or not, there are plenty of healthy dessert options available in the city and online (courtesy Shop On LBB)! From raw chocolate mousse to black bean brownies, the options are extensive, and are perfect to enjoy in moderation without breaking your diet.

Health Kitchen By BB

Check out Health Kitchen By BB for a cookie riot! From decadent Keto Chocolate Cookies (sugar-free and gluten-free) to Almond and Ragi Oat Cookies, that believe don't taste anything like health, they've got it all! While here you may want to give the Hazelnut Butter, Cashew Butter & Dark Chocolate Fit Spread, just sandwich it between two cookies we say!

Fresh Pressery Cafe

Peaceful ambience and cold pressed juices are what Fresh Pressery Cafe is known for, but we’re especially loving their healthy, delicious desserts! Try out their fudge-y Dark Chocolate Brownie made using amaranth flour and raw sugar that’s both rich and healthy, or their low-fat Chocolate Granola Parfait if you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter. They also have a vegan Chia Seed Pudding made using coconut milk and organic honey, yum!



icon-placeAvailable Online

This Bangalore-based bakery that is now online (thanks to LBB!) makes most of their yummy treats without using any of that bad stuff — so think,  jaggery instead of sugar, oats and quinoa instead of flour in cookies, and good quality cocoa instead of sugary chocolate. Try out their Artisanal Milk Chocolate Jaggery Truffles made of cocoa beans sourced from South India or Vegan Chocolate Chip Jaggery Cookies after a meal, or even their Wholewheat, Oat and Jaggery Cookies as a breakfast snack!

Milano Ice Cream

We think gelato is better than ice cream, and thanks to its lower sugar and fat content we think it’s perfectly acceptable to go a little wild at Milano. With mouthwatering flavours like whiskey cream, avocado and creme brûlée, who can say no? If you want something a little fruitier, try their selection of sorbets which are incredibly light on the tongue.

Carrots Restaurant

Aside from their great selection of vegan food, we’re loving their healthy selection of desserts — try out their Jowar Coconut Jaggery Cookies, Multi-grain Jaggery Muffins and Coconut Milk Pannacotta, also available in gluten-free versions! They also have some homemade seasonal fresh fruit ice creams we’re dying to try out.


This home bakery switches up usual baking ingredients with healthier alternatives like almond flour and jaggery. Check out Taantraa’s Almond Rose Coconut Cake for something a little offbeat, or the Almond Coffee Chocolate Cake if you’re into more traditional baking flavours. And the best part is they look absolutely scrumptious — you won’t even realise it’s good for you.



icon-placeAvailable Online

Indian mithai  is all things crave worthy but how do you indulge when you know there's buttloads of sugar and ghee that is waiting to go after your hips and heart after each bite? Sigh. We have found a healthy savior in Yummsy though! No kidding, we've found delicious variations like Sugar-free Almonds & Oats Granola Laddu and Sugar-free Coconut & Dates Laddu! Check 'em out on LBB Shop.

Mo's Bakery


icon-placeAvailable Online

This first-of-its-kind petit cookie bakery is a hit in Delhi, and now since they're available online, they're soon finding fan across India. Think of flavours you've never heard of, let alone taste -- Sugar-Free Beetroot & Dark Chocolate Cookies, Sugar-Free Rosemary Cookies, Carrot & Chia Cookies, Wheat Flour Jaggery Cookies and so many more! Buy them by the jar and munch guilt-free!


Shop On LBB has many more Healthy Dessert Options. Click the link and indulge!

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