Heard Of Jewellery That Heals? Check Out This Brand ASAP!

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Most of us believe that jewellery can only enhance our looks but did you know that there is a brand that designs jewellery that heals?? Yes you heard that right. Spirā is an exclusive bohemian handmade jewellery brand that utilises semi-precious healing crystals within its edgy and minimal aesthetics. Brainchild of professional dancer, who believes that art and healing go hand in hand, Spirā is about bringing her passion for expressive art together with healing. Spirā, meaning ’to breathe’ in Latin, is rooted in the Sharanya’s art, travels and free spirited way of being.

Spirā, believes that the healing power of crystals can work as effective and gentle tools to help calm your mind and body. 2 personally designed and handcrafted ornaments are launched exclusively on their instagram page and can be instantly bought. They can also customise jewellery by choosing a crystal that's uniquely inspired by people's personality and which helps bring harmony and balance to their mind and body and life.

These designs are chic and minimalist. There are a range of options like fingerings, pendants, ear rings etc. that you can choose from. The base metals used mostly are silver and brass. Spirā custom design services are available for men, women and couples.

Pricing of the jewels starts at 2000 INR and depends on the metal and the crystals being used.

So if the pandemic is driving the stress-o-meter up, try this crystal jewellery to calm your nerves.

You can get in touch with them on their mobile number