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Get The Best Of Heritage And Modern Pondicherry At The Quaint Villa Shanti

    What Makes It Awesome

    An old mansion on Rue Suffren, this one is almost hidden, and you’ll need to be looking for it to actually find it. Set in the White Town (that is the French side of Pondy), it’s large, and has about 15 rooms for you to check into. In fact, they recently redid the whole place, and now even the old wing looks brand new — yes, yes, with the charm of the old, fear not.

    What is particularly lovely about Villa Shanti is that they very deftly blend the past with the present. They don’t compromise one bit on the modern comforts, be it air conditioning or WiFi. But where the charm lies, is the decor. A mix of glazed, mosaic and terrazzo tiles will welcome you, and if you pick the suites, so will cane chaise lounges. Not splurging on a suite, no worries, the deluxe rooms are just fine too. Especially if you spend time in possibly the most lovely part of the hotel — the courtyard.

    Done up entirely in white, here you’ll feel the French vibes thanks to the pillars, quiet garden, wicker furniture that belongs to the lovely in-house French (well, there’s also a lot of Indian, but hey, in Pondicherry…) restaurant. Quite colonial, and perfect to sit around in and have copious amounts of wine, crepe Suzette, and Prawn and Pumello salads.


    Apart from lounging in the hotel, there’s little else to do, so hop, skip and jump just two streets to the Promenade for all the drama. Then make sure you shop a bit — from gelato to apparel, at these super cool artisan shops. Or maybe just go all out and load up on designer merch and export surplus from these stores.