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Live Like The Royals In A 14th Century Building At The Hill Fort In Kesroli


    When just any place won’t do, check into The Hill Fort, a 14th Century fort set atop a dark rock hill in Kesroli. That should cut it!

    On The Rocks

    An intimidating looking rock face will appear before you when driving from Delhi to Rajasthan, in the district of Alwar. Stop, be amazed and then carry on up the road to The Hill Fort Kesroli, now a swanky Neemrana property. Still buzzing with history {how can it not when it’s over seven centuries old}, it’s a peaceful and elegant hotel – something that is rare in the usual opulence of Rajasthan.

    Game Of Thrones fans will understand when we say it’s like living in Winterfell – bleak, dark and oh-so-beautiful. In fact, it’s one of the oldest places you can actually still stay at. Once there, check in first because if you start marvelling at the view, you might just camp out! Aimed to give you the feel of royalty, the reception and living room {so to speak} are decked out in durbar style. Expect looming portraits of owners of the fort, mirrors and low seating a la old-school palaces. But who’s going to sit indoors when the fort ramparts have wrought iron furniture along them to sit and enjoy the view with choice of beverage in hand, right?

    Royal Life

    There’s five grand rooms, 10 suites and 12 rooms to choose from – each vastly different from the other in name and by nature. Thereby they reflect the colours and culture that Rajasthan is best known for. High beds, flowery covers, and flitty curtains give it a hint of home, but the giveaway that it has a regal past is the size. So even the smallest room is massive, but hey, who’s complaining. Want a jhoola in the room to up the old-school romance? Pick Hindola Mahal. But while you bicker for the swings, we’ll have ourselves one of the four duplex suites – the Naqqar Khana Mahal to be precise. With a large verandah, lavish bedroom space and a sitting area fitted with jharokha windows for the perfect view, there’s not much better a holiday can get. Or can it?

    360 Degrees

    Of course it can. Just throw in a swimming pool, spa and a Neverland sort of garden lit with lanterns and anything is better! Oriental Senses takes over the spa and we highly recommend Swede Dreams – the Swedish massage, of course. Then dive into the rooftop swimming pool which is a vantage point for a 360 degree view of the surrounding. And it is simply stunning. From the sandy dunes, mustard fields and dark rocks, it’s a paradox of sorts, but worth every selfie you’ll take up there!


    Make sure to watch the sunrise and sunset from the ramparts. It’s stunning.

    Where: Village Kesroli, Near M.I.A Post Office-Bahala, District Alwar, Rajasthan

    Price: INR 3,000

    Contact: +91 9829499901

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