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Hit The Hotpot Jackpot This Monsoon At New Leaf Restaurant

Navya posted on 21st July

Ten-Second Takeaway

On rainy days, our cravings usually revolve around something warm, slurpy, and comforting and that’s exactly what New Leaf Restaurant offers. We recommend that you huddle around a bubbling, hotpot {their signature dish} with your gang of pals or your family and dispel the monsoon blues with a few ladlefuls. This is what you call #MonsoonMagic.

Sip On

Aerated Drinks

Chow Down

The Red Soup Hot Pot

Winning For

Their generous hotpot portions and the friendly, helpful service that adds an extra dose of warmth to your meal. 

Lowdown On The Ambience

New Leaf faithfully sticks to the typical Oriental theme, so red and black dominates with a few paper lanterns thrown in for good measure. There’s no place for more than five tables here so ensure that you reserve a table. 

What's On The Menu?

New Leaf offers a smattering of dumplings, fried rice, and noodles but most of the menu is occupied by the additions that make your hotpot. We were promised that either of these could sustain us till the dinner bell rang. So, considering that it’s the restaurant’s signature dish, we ordered a gigantic bowl of Red Soup {it’s the spicier version when compared to the clear White Soup}.

Take A Pot Shot

There’s a bit of DIY element to the hotpot here. When you’ve made your choice between the Red and the White Soup, you can also choose other ingredients to add to your dish. Then, the basic soup is served to you, on a stove top on your table, and you can plop in the extra ingredients. If you resent the hard work, then, the kitchen will happily mix in all the ingredients and bring it to you.

Now there’s a vast selection of extras {with additional costs} that you can choose from. They range from beef or mutton slices, to chicken sausages and wings, an assortment of mushrooms, tofu, kelp {a seaweed}, bok choy among others. We chose mutton slices, chicken wings, shiitake mushrooms, and kelp. What we got to is a large pot filled with red soup that bubbled over with flavour. The glistening red chillies and the generous hit of pepper were enough to get our taste buds singing. And we loved the smokiness of the mushroom and the gel-like texture of the kelp too. The unseasoned mutton slices and the wings though made it a bit bland.

So We’re Thinking...

If you are keen on the hotpot, go with a group of at least four or you’ll have plenty of leftovers, and the bill will pinch.  Also, don’t forget to book a table in advance. 

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New Leaf Restaurant

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New Leaf Restaurant

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