Sausages To Pancakes: This Cafe Will Shower Your Tummy With A Whole Lot Of Love!

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What Makes It Awesome

They say breakfast should be the finest meal of the day and we quite agree. Imagine eating your breakfast at a cheery, cosy space that just almost feels like home. Check out A Hole Lotta Love Cafe located in Koramangala 5th block for a wholesome English breakfast. From veggie sandwiches to fully loaded burgers, find everything American (in terms of food) at this cafe. As breakfast is what they are known for, we suggest you head there for a wide spread of breakfast options. Order The All English Breakfast which consists of sausages, bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, mashed potato, grilled tomatoes with two slices of brown bread and butter priced at INR 315. 

Feeling meaty? Try their meat platter of chicken or pork starting at INR 440. If you are missing the Indian flavours, try the Indian spicy scrambled eggs on brown bread. Vegetarians, check out their eggless breakfast options such as eggless potato omelette, The Veggie 9 Yards Hash and The Eggless Masala Scramble among others. They also serve waffles and pancakes like Black Forest Pancakes, Oreo Pancake and Peach Waffles starting at INR 110. Ask for the fresh juice of the day or just order their The Hole Lotta Love Breakfast Smoothie. A Hole Lotta Love is a space great to bring friends for a celebration or to curl away in one of their nooks with a book and your favourite playlist. It does get very crowded during rush hours, so come prepared for a short wait.