Ditch The Gym: Workouts That You Can Do At Home And Stay In Shape

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Fitness is highly scalable and can be done anywhere and everywhere. And if you really want to get fit, remember, fitness does not have to be for one hour plus, only. You can do it for 20 mins a day and reap the benefits. No gym close to home or no time is the biggest excuse there is. So if your concern is one of these or any other, do not worry, we have you covered.

Zumba Fitness

This is best done in a class with 10, 20 or 30 others. But if you cannot step out of the house for whatever reason, buy the Zumba DVD from zumba.com and start Zumba Fitness at home. Everybody loves to dance and this is one of the easiest workouts to do at home and can burn around 500 to 900 calories in just one hour.

Price: INR 1,267 upwards for DVDs

Shop online here. Or check out places to learn the basics here.

Functional Training

These are movements that replicate your day to day functionalities like sitting, climbing, pushing, pulling, bending etc. To get fitter, healthier and make these movements more efficient, we incorporate functional training. So you can do a combination of different movements like squats, lunges, push ups, planks, burpees, sit ups or even mountain climbers. Spend 20 mins everyday on doing 2 to 3 different movements targeting different body parts and you will see how your strength and stamina enhances.

Check out some functional training hotspots to get your started here.

Workouts From Online Or Apps

There are many fitness apps and video channels that provide beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts for 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins etc. Use a few and stick to the one that works for you. But do this minimum of three days a week and maximum six.

Here are a few YouTube channels to get started.


No, not all asanas can be done on your own, unless you are a Yoga instructor, but Suryanamaskar is something you can certainly incorporate into your fitness regime. Start with 10 and progress from there. You could be doing up to 108 or more and this could actually be a fabulous workout. You can do this once a week.

Get started with sessions before you go solo, here. Or just stick to online classes here.


Shwetambari Shetty is the co-founder of health club, The Tribe. Dancing was always her passion and Zumba gave her the perfect mix of fitness and dance. Ask for the Zumba Queen of Bangalore, and this is who you'll get.