Order Now: Bangalore Gets Saucy With These Homebased Dips & Condiment Brands

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Give your cooking an upgrade because Bangalore's got a host of some cool homemade brands that are bottling some of the tastiest condiments we've come across. We are talking homemade brands making chilli sauces, wok sauces, curry masalas, dips, and marinades. Some brands go all out in giving the authentic experience while others keep a limited pop-up style menu where fortune favours the fastest fingers. Be sure to bookmark this list of top homemade condiment brands in Bangalore. 

Mossant Fermentary

We're already fans of their kombuchas and their line of fermented food is what we are fans of next. Their Hot Sauce our tried and tested condiment from their line up of kimchi, basil-walnut pesto sauce, ranch dip, sun-dried tomato pesto, and caramelised onion dip. Oh, lest we forget, the Fermented Sichuan Peppercorn Paste is also another condiment that's getting our thumbs up. 

How To Order: Hit them on their website or slide into their Instagram DMs.

Price: Starts at INR 150

Not Just Hot

We're fans of the Red Hot Sauce that's rated 4/5 for heat and spiciness by Not Just Hot. The women-run brand has a host of sauces, dips, infused oils, and marinades that are mostly Asian with a bunch of Indian sauces and spices mixes such as Andhra Chilli Sauce and Manglorean Fish Mix. Their Hot Travelling Chillis is a super versatile topping that works on just about anything -- pasta to noodles and even idlis. Making Asian food? Try the Coriander Root Wok Sauce and Asian-inspired Pepper Sauce. 

How To Order: You can place orders via dropping a text to their WhatsApp number. 

Price: Starts from INR 150

Wood Street Sauce Co.

If all things chilli is your jam, you're already our friend, and we'll tell you to give Wood Street Sauce Co's Fermented Fresno Chilli Sauce and the Guizhou-style Chilli Crisp a shot. The sauce packs a nice amount of heat with fruity undertones while the chilli crisp is the condiment you need to instantly flavour up your Asian recipes -- dim sums, noodles, ramen, and even fried rice. Don't forget to get your hands on their Salsa Brava too. 

How To Order: Hit up their Instagram and fill out the form in the bio to place your orders. 

Price: Starts at INR 200 

Chutney Marise

Bacon jam, pancake syrup, Scezhwan Chilli Sauce and Arrabbiata sauce -- these are our favourites from Chutney Marise, a homemade venture from our favourite breakfast place in town, The Hole In The Wall Café. The menu has everything from fresh pasta and egg noodles to a whole range of condiments and dips that will give you that feeling of you are dining at the cafe, but at home. The flavours are all too familiar and happy.    

How To Order: You can place orders via dropping a text to their WhatsApp numbers. 

Price: Starts from INR 90 

Gautam Krishnankutty/Gonzogarbanzo


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We think no list on homemade sauces and condiments is ever complete without including Chef Gautam Krishnankutty of The Smoke Co., and Cafe Thulp fame. His Instagram feed (his handle is Gonzogarbanzo) has us always drooling over his cooking process and some stellar sauces, dips, marinades, and even full-course meals. Oh yes, Chef Gautam's homecooked meals deserve another recommendation of its own. Back to the sauces and condiments, there's no set menu here. It's, according to us, Sauce Of Week meets Hunger Games meets Minute To Win It -- you need to be quick about placing the orders because of his loyal base who ensures the whole batch is sold out in minutes. There's his famed Chilli Oil in many people's house that we've been trying to order ourselves. With no luck obviously. Maybe you'll be lucky and you'll be nice enough to share with us? 

How To Order: DM him on Instagram immediately when he posts. We hear there's a (secret) WhatsApp group too where Chef drops his weekly menu. 

Price: Averages around INR 350-400


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