Don't Stress About The Mess: Get Your House Deep Cleaned By The Pros

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What Makes It Awesome?

Throwing a great party is fun and all, but cleaning up after the big night can be quite the struggle. Based on our experience (and simple post-party clean-up exhaustion), we'd suggest you hit up Delhi-based Homework and get your house looking orderly and as good as new - without breaking the bank, too!

Whether you want your entire house cleaned or just one room, they will take care of it. Pricing of the deep cleaning service depends on the room you want to get cleaned as well as your location. A complete 2 BHK cleaning (including the sofa you never bothered to clean all these years) is priced at upwards of INR 4,000. If it's just the kitchen you want done, keep aside about INR 1,500. For bathrooms, it starts from INR 600 - completely worth it, we think! They also offer painting services for both interiors and exteriors. And just in case you're just itching to spend some more money, they have gardening services too, that include consulting and setting up your garden.

Our pro-tip? Check with them beforehand if they offer their services in your locality. At the moment, they only operate in north, central and east Bangalore.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000