Slay Your OOTD Look With This Brand's Collection Of Funky Bags

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Hotch Potch

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What Makes It Awesome

For all things bags and accessories like wallets and laptop sleeves, Hotch Potch is the brand you need to check out. Their funky, colourful, and totally chic collection is for the millennial crowd and one to brag about. It's got such an extensive range of bags that you can almost call it a one-stop-shop for everything bags. And the best part? It's totally made for the millennial crowd who likes to dress it up and totally slay their look with funky accessories. By funky, we mean bright colours and quirky designs. Enter a collection that comprises of handbags, backpacks, fanny packs (not the dad kind), duffel bags, wallets, and wrist bags. If you are wondering what the last one is, it's mini pouches that you can wear around your wrist! 

The brand works extensively with leather but they also do a whole capsule collection with canvas, denim, and even khadi. Want to hear something good? They do customisations too! Yes, say you like their collection of stylish fanny packs that come in round and rectangular designs and in colours like yellow, blue, green, and pink. Say you want a round bag in teal, consider it done. In fact, the entire range can get a colour splash that you like. They do all-out customisations too, so win-win! 


The website is still under construction, so for ordering and checking out the products, you will need to check out their Instagram page. Covid-19 Update: Check out their new collection of exclusive hand-painted bags that have been designed in colllaboration with small-scale, independent artists -- called "Quarantine Art". They are beautiful and one-of-a-kind to say the least. Hotch Potch has also put out a range of handmade facemasks.


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