What Is It?

Bringing along bizarre comedy, Hotel Paradiso, Germany-based theatre company, Familie Floz is making their way to the city as part of their first India tour. Known for their signature ‘mask theatre’ format, the play is a seamless blend of improvisation, mime and physical comedy. Portraying the strange happenings at an old-fashioned family-run hotel in the Alps, there’s everything from black humour to mystery to keep you engrossed throughout the 90 minutes of the performance.

Who Is It For?

Said to have received great reviews at the Edinburgh Festival, this one’s definitely a treat for theatre enthusiasts in town. Considering its mix of humour, murder and the interesting use of masks, it even makes for a great plan if you’re hoping to unwind a little before the holiday on Tuesday.

Why Should I Go For It?

For the sheer delight of watching 25 different characters played by four artistes {Daniel Matheus, Melanie Schmidli, Nicolas Witte, Matteo Fantoni} without a single word being spoken! Instead, music and even silence are used for the various situations. Donning expressive masks, the actors portray everyone from the old woman who runs the hotel to the crazy customers who visit the place. As the family struggles to sort out their squabbles, maintain the hotel and keep their secrets hidden, the plot unfolds with the finding of a corpse {with more to follow}! Intrigued? We’re too! Seeming very much like the “dramatic nightmare steeped in black humour” that it is described to be, this one looks promising.

When: Monday, October 31

Where: Chowdiah Memorial Hall, 16th Cross, G.D. Park Extension, 2nd Main Road, Malleswaram

Price: INR 750 upwards

Timings: 4pm and 8pm

Contact: enquiries@agpworld.com

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Feature Photo: Familie Flöz