HotFut Is Letting You Stay On Top Of Your Game With Its Rooftop Sports Arena At Virginia Mall

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Football, hockey or cricket, whatever your sporting persuasion, take your game to the highest level by playing on the rooftop fields at Virginia Mall in Whitefield. HotFut has brought its state-of-the-art sports facility and infrastructure to Namma Bengaluru for all you budding sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

Take It To The Top

On the terrace of Whitefield’s Virginia Mall lies sprawling fields of neatly trimmed grass waiting to be worn out by sporting activity. HotFut has finally brought their indoor and rooftop sports format {popular in Pune and Hyderabad} to Bangalore. With two fields — a futsal field {which is basically a smaller football field for teams with around five players a side} and a hockey/cricket pitch, play the day away and try your hand at more that one sport. Don’t bother with bringing along the wicket or your football as HotFut provides you with the basic sporting accessories you will require. But feel free to get the team geared up in your personal jerseys and gear before stepping inside. And don’t be afraid to kick or hit as hard and far as you can as the arena has nets on all sides to make sure your ball does fall off the rooftop straight to the passing traffic below.

Game On!

Looking for a match venue to tackle down your local team competition? Or just for a spot to have a fun time with some good old-fashion sport? Either way, HotFut is the place for you. Book a field for a full 60 minutes for prices starting at INR 1,280. {Prices vary according to the timings and availability}. You can also work out a membership deal with HotFut if you want to use their facilities regularly. Don’t worry about whether you’re worthy to play on these glorious pitches as the fields are open to all, beginners and pros alike. Opening every day as bright and early as 6 am, the place only closes at midnight. So whenever you’ve got your game on, head to Virginia Mall to bend it like Beckham or swing your hockey stick like the Chak De girls.


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