Fancy A Trip To Kashmir? This Guide Could Help Transform Your Room Into One

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The ongoing times have been mean to us and with some certainty, have hindered our travel plans. Those of you who had planned a trip to Kashmir but couldn’t go or those of you who just don’t want to let go of Kashmir even after the trip, you might want to read on. We have devised a guide that would bring Kashmir right to your bedroom. Be it the printed Persian carpets or the wooden furniture with table lamps on either side, this guide is what you need to add a bit of kashmiriyat to your bedroom.

Add Persian Or Printed Carpets

Design Station

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Persian Carpets or floral printed curtains are reminiscent of Kashmir and aptly depict the lush gardens the valley is known for. Pashminas are an integral part of Kashmiri culture and while sourcing them directly from the valley would be difficult, LBB hasmany alternate options. Design Station’s floral dhurries and bed covers would make excellent options as these could also be hung up on walls to lend a traditional feel. Similarly, Jaipur Rugs, Meera From The House Of Bhinder and Nestroots are brands that have an eclectic range of loud, printed carpets and rugs, all to remind you of Kashmir.

Deck Up Your Room With Wooden Furniture

Lap & Dado

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From beds to drawers and side tables, to even walls, wood forms an integral part of Kashmiri decor. Bangalore Hunts is one brand that will answer all your wooden needs with their wooden furniture sourced from across the country. You can even choose to customise wooden furniture with carved patterns and detailing by hitting up Lakkadhaara. For customised carved furniture, Lap and Dado is where you need to go.

Place Printed Table Lamps On Either Side Of Your Bed

Much like you would’ve seen on popular depictions of Kashmiri households, there are table lamps besides the beds that serve as reading lights and also as decor essentials. Printed table lamps from Nakshikathaa are ornately carved and we also love Anurita’s bold and bright fabric lamps with Persian prints. Now if you’re after slightly more contemporary options, Inara’s compact lampshades will do the trick.

Paint Your Walls With Mughlai Art

A sure shot and modern way of reflecting Kashmir in your bedrooms is by having the folks at Kalakaari Haath attach wallpapers with floral designs on walls. UDC Homes’ Seville collection of wallpapers with prints that resemble Kashmiri motifs will add a folk charm to your bedrooms. Now if you want the Dal Jheel or the famous Kashmiri Shikaras etched on your wall, get in touch with the people from Brains On Walls and they’ll have it done according to your mood. Prices here start from INR 10,000.

Hang Mini Antique Chandeliers From The Room’s Ceilings

Believe it or not, having mini chandeliers in the bedroom is a very Kashmiri thing and if you’re looking to go all out, this works as a step. Hit up Untold Homes for getting your chandeliers done or even get in touch with the folks at Light Illusions for wooden geometric chandeliers. However, if you’re not after the pomp offered by a chandelier but still want to preserve the Kashmiri charm, Kirti Finishing and Fos Lighting have coloured glass ceiling lights that might be what you’re looking for. Shop Chaupal’s hanging cone lights with Persian-Mughal prints would work just as well.


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