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Hunger Patrol To The Rescue To Save You From Those Midnight Munchies

Rini posted on 10 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

For all you night-owls and procrastinators pulling all-nighters, no more cold Maggi for you. Hunger Patrol, an online food delivery service will get your order to your doorstep up until 3am!

Chow Down

Crispy Chilli Garlic Shrooms, Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani

Sip On

Only aerated drinks

Winning For

They don’t compromise on taste. Despite it being unearthly hours, food is freshly made. And the Dal Makhani is to die for.

What’s On The Menu

A mix of North Indian and Chinese dishes {a typical Bengaluru menu} is what they offer. When we ordered the vegetarian dishes such as Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala and Crispy Chilli Garlic Mushrooms, we really didn’t expect they’d trump the non-vegetarian ones. While the Crispy Chilli Garlic Mushrooms’ crisp casing didn’t survive the travel, they were as the menu said – Kick-Starters, and delish ones at that! While the Dal Makhani is gentle on your taste buds, Paneer Butter Masala’s gravy is a riot of flavours ranging from a slightly sweetish tang to a nice and spicy after taste. Do order the Lachha Paratha, which is an ideal balance of soft insides and crispy outsides, to go with the gravies.

That said, meat eaters, we’ve got your back, as usual! Our favourite was their Butter Chicken which was creamy and fresh, with flavours of ginger and garlic dominating, surprisingly. Not fans of the Chilli Chicken because it really takes spicy to a new level, only the strong-willed and the bold must order this!

So We’re Thinking

Superheroes by night, shut by daylight, Hunger Patrol can be a saving grace when your stomach is rumbling during wee hours. And they deliver freshly-cooked, hot and satisfying grub at reasonable prices, can’t complain now, can we? We approve!


If you work at a corporate firm, try out Hunger Patrol’s Corporate Bulk Order. Also, they provide more than just food, like other late night emergency essentials. Check out their Revival Kit section on their menu.

Where: Munnekollal, Marathahalli

When: Tuesday to Sunday,

Price: INR 20 upwards

Contact: +91 9066024184

Timings: 9pm-3am

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to order online.

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