Motichoor Ladoo To Calcutta Meetha Paan, Ice Cream Works Is Quirking It Up

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Ice Cream Works is one of the newest ice cream places in Indiranagar. With a mouthwatering list of flavours from New York Walnut Fudge ice cream to the more unconventional Calcutta Meetha Paan variety, there isn’t a single dull choice on the menu.

Savour The Flavour

The new kid on the block, Ice Cream Works, has its very own outlet on Indiranagar’s 5th Main Road now and is serving drool-worthy scoops in a fun list of flavours. We’re talking Creamy Tahitian Vanilla and Salted Caramel Choco Biscuit to the more desi Pista Badam Chikki and Motichoor Ladoo flavours. Yep! You read correctly. And if you aren’t drooling already, they also have loaded ice cream shakes in flavours like Nutella, Guava, Oreo and Strawberry Chocolate. And if you feel like kickin it old school, they serve dry fruit faloodas and fruity cassatas that we can’t wait to devour here.

Sweet Prices

A franchise of the popular Cream Centre’s chain of ice cream parlours, the Indiranagar branch is only a few months old but already has our attention for its quirky menu. Like its parent company, this ice cream parlour only serves scoops that are 100 percent vegetarian, so all the desserts here are completely eggless.

And just when you think this place couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you that their prices are just as sweet as their ice cream. These melt-in-your-mouth treats start at an easy INR 61 per scoop and you can grab a whole tub of this icy deliciousness for prices starting at INR 220. And they also have their Flavour of the Month that comes at just INR 44 a scoop all through the month. Psst! We found out that their flavour of July is Rooh Afza ice cream. You’re welcome.


You can get 30 percent off on your bill if you spend INR 400 or more on the 30th of every month. We’ve already cleared our schedules for the 30th of every month left in the year. We’ll see you there.


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