Dosa, Idli, Vada & Filter Coffee That Taste Just Like Home By ID Fresh Foods

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What Makes It Awesome

South Indians and South Indian food lovers, you know that the best version of the food you love is the one made at your home, or at a Darshini. Either it doesn’t taste fresh enough, or tastes bland, or just doesn’t hit the right spots. Enter ID Fresh, from Bangalore - a brand that initially made small batches of batter so you can take it home, make it, and eat it! 

Since 2005, they have grown to supply the same batter(s), and ingredients to the rest of the country (and abroad!) to enjoy home-style south Indian food. Kitchenfresh and preservative-free, batter and mixes are what you’ll get when you order from them. Getting to their offerings, their natural Idli and Dosa (they have separate as well as one that can be used to make either) batter rivals the versions from home (minus the hectic effort). Yes they have vada batter too! Just squeeze it out of their nifty squeezable pack right into the oil. Rice avoiders, fear not, they have Malabar and whole wheat parottas as well as chapathis

There are some items that aren’t necessarily the food itself, but definitely a staple when it comes to South Indian cuisine. Filter coffee, thick curd, coconut, and tender coconut come to mind, and these are also available. Feel free to pick up their instant decoction and grated coconut. With everything they can provide, it’s no wonder that they’re a part of ET x LBB’s list of disruptive brands.


They also have an organic variant of their Idli & Dosa batter, Ragi Idli & Dosa batter, and Malabar Parotta. 


Happy Earth = Happy People. Coffee = Happy Me. Should tell you enough about me.