Boost Your Immunity With Soaps With Goodness From The Himalayas

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What Makes It Awesome

While the icy chills of the rugged Himalayas might evoke a sense of thrill within you, there is more that these icy godfathers provide. Dehradun lad Ishan on his escapades to the Himalayas was intrigued by the health and skin quality of the local residents and discovered that the secret to their vitality was the bounty the Himalayas had to offer. That’s when he started Idika Earth’s Finest, a skincare brand selling products made with ingredients sourced from the Himalayas. Ingredients such as Neem, Purple Tulsa, Turmeric and Hibiscus, all growing in various altitudes of the Himalayas are used as they are bacteria-resistant, survive against nature’s odds and also boost your immunity. 

Chill (in all senses of the word) using or even thinking of using the purple tulsa soap, made from wild black tulsi grown 9,000 ft above sea level and shea butter. The mildly exfoliating Muddy Hibiscus soap, with red and pink hibiscus with lavender, is another hit for your skin. One side of the soaps contains the leaves and the other, a regular soapy layer. These handmade soaps are available even in powdered form and in Handwash and Bodywash variants. 

Idika’s products are paraben-free, sulphate free and without any artificial colouring so you know your skin gets pure Himalayan goodness. The bars of soap cost INR 150 and their handwashes and body washes cost around INR 200-INR 300 for 200ml packs. Purchase them from anywhere within India through their website and get your orders within the week. 


You can purchase combo packs at a discounted price for different variants of their soaps. Also avail a 10% discount on your shopping cart.  


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