Get Your Kids Puzzles, Books & Games That Have A Distinct Connect To The Magic Of India

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What Makes It Awesome

Adding a touch of India to your little one’s growing up years, Indigrow is making us want to relive our childhood. Created with kids between the ages of 0 and 7 in mind, this lovely brand creates delightful, contemporary, and Indian themed books and games. There is something about Indian festivals, manic rickshaw rides, music, wildlife and gorgeous cities that should be part of the kids growing up years, and Indigrow brings all of that and more, into picture puzzles, books and games. These feature Indian associations as varied as Gateway Of India to Kathakali dancers, all carefully planned to help the cherubs explore the glory of India.

The book tells stories of empathy, tolerance and inclusivity; we sure need more of that. Best to teach them young, isn’t it? Their first collection features characters and illustrations focussed on the culture and heritage of the country. Plus, they celebrate differences! Maybe an adult version is needed too! Get your children the On the Go Flash Cards which have pictures from across India. Or check out the Alphabet Story Book which has a story on every page, reinforcing not only the images but also word associations. We love the The Memory Match Up game for coordination and memory. And we mean that for ourselves as well! If your little one is a bit boisterous, settle them down to the giant floor puzzle that will keep them occupied for a while, not just physically, but mentally too. 

So the next time you need to get a child a present -- be it your own or your BFFs, get them something from here. Something to keep them connected to the magic of India and busy while they are at home! Hit up their website and place your orders as they ship Pan India and internationally too!


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