Ten-second takeaway

INK Salon {a monthly talk series as part of the TED-format-inspired INK talks} promises you an evening of presentations and discussions on the concept of excellence.

Who’s talking

Badly in need of some motivation and, perhaps, an interesting conversation? With ‘Exploring Excellence’ as the chosen topic for this month’s INK Salon, you can look forward to some inspiring talks. Featuring speakers like author and professor, Dr. Huggy Rao {who co-authored the book, Scaling Up Excellence}, Lakshmi Pratury {host and curator of the INK Conference}, Dr Mukund Thattai {biologist}, Dr Shannon Olsson {chemical ecologist}, Dr Sunil Laxman {cell biologist} and Dr Srikala Raghavan {skin biologist}, the event will also have scientist and entrepreneur, Dr Vijay Chandru as the interviewer.

Excellence in words

Co-hosted by National Centre for Biological Sciences and INK, the discussion will explore different aspects of excellence {just as the topic suggests}. Listen to the speakers ponder aloud if it is a sign of expertise, a mindset or maybe, part of a consistent practice. You can also expect conversations on how it can be illustrated by science and how we can pursue it. If that sounds interesting, we suggest you RSVP for the event right away.

Where: National Centre for Biological Sciences, GKVK Campus, Bellary Road

When: Friday, December 18, 6pm-8pm

RSVP to nandini@inktalks.com

Find the event on Facebook here.