11 Of The Most Cool, Quirky And Colourful Instagrammable Spots In The City

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No no, this is not a post about the Instagrammable cafes in the town. This is more like, you are on the road or probably meeting friends over for drinks and then you suddenly notice something gorgeous and you are like “Hey, let me Instagram this!” Agreed some of them aren’t quite on the road, but hey, these 15 Instagrammable spots in Bangalore will get you on the road and start ‘Gramming instantly.


Part of our rooftop bars and stunning view lists (read about them here and here), Skyye is the perfect spot to get those landscape shots of the city’s skyline. At 16 floors high, it also means unobstructed views for as far as the eye can see. With Cubbon Park nearby, one side overlooks the lush green space (and at night it’s like a dark carpet with street lights dotting it), the other in the CBD that comes alive with all sorts of lights, you’ve got yourself a picture worth clicking and sharing away!

MG Road Metro Station Entrance

Perhaps the best of the street artwork done during the St+Art festival, the Church Street entrance of the MG Road Station is perhaps one of the most Instagrammed spots in Bangalore. Although the Domino’s board spoils the artwork, we are sure you can get an angle where the board doesn’t show up. If not, we also recommend the wall right beside the metro station entrance (just as you leave the station, towards the right) that would go well if you're trying to get a street style look done up.

Now if you do happen to be around MG Road, here are bars and pubs you can hit up.

Bangalore Palace

Built over a century ago in the Tudor-style of architecture that’s reminiscent of French and English castles, the Bangalore Palace is one of Bangalore’s most Instagrammed locales (you should check out our Instagram page here). The Maharaja’s courtyard downstairs is bright and vivid with a brilliantly colourful Azulejo tiled-bench and a fountain to go with it. We suggest coming in early, like just before the sun sets for the perfect Instagram moment as the suede works wonders on your skin.

KR Flower Market

Unlike other places, you need to arrive at KR Flower Market quite early as 4 am because that’s when the whole place gets off to a colourful start with all kinds of flowers. It’s #FlowerPower with the streets all lined up with vendors selling orchids, marigolds, jasmines, gerberas and roses. You will not just get images of flowers but also get a pulse of the city, here. 

After you're done gramming, make your way to the adjacent Chickpete market for more shopping and some scrumptious street food. 

Butterfly Park In Bannerghatta National Park

The Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park is a treasure trove for photographers and enthusiasts alike, and perfect for those who are looking to make their Instagram feed more nature-focused. Be sure to Instagram the artificial waterfall inside the park too. Prices start from INR 30 and INR 50 for the same. 

Glasshouse In Lal Bagh

The Glass House in Lal Bagh is modelled after the Crystal Palace in London and it hosts the bi-annual flower show here where you can see some of the most beautiful floral designs and displays. The bi-annual show is held every Independence Day and Republic Day, but don’t let that stop you from capturing the beauty of the house in the evenings, especially during sunsets.

Here are some of the things you could do in and around the garden. Do remember to visit the garden before 10AM so as to get free entry.

Sankey Tank

One of Bangalore's oldest and most iconic man-made lake, Sankey Tank can entertain the whole family, be it for photography, fitness, or street food. You can go boating in the lake, jog or take a walk on the tracks around it as well. Trust us when we say you wouldn't want to miss the sunset from here. 

Blossom Book House

Obscure Sanskrit dictionaries, piles of fiction precariously stacked away, old books of sheet music, travelogues, rare comic books, manga, and even LPs — plenty to Instagram and of course, buy! Blossom Book House is an institution that needs no introduction and take it from us when we say that whenever we post about this good old second-hand book store, the likes are far too many! 

We suggest you round off your day at Blossoms with some mouth watering pizza from Brik Oven right across the street. Again, the pizzas are instaworthy too. 

Sly Granny

The wallpaper made of Arnold Schwarzenegger and pineapples gives you an idea about the eccentricity of Sly Granny. All kinds of knick-knacks adorn the walls and the stairway that leads to the upstairs is lined up with mad, mad art. Oh, and come evenings, the upstairs section with its rooftop section gets all dreamy with twinkling lights. Hello to date nights being documented effortlessly! 

The Wishing Chair

Inspired by the world of End Blyton, The Wishing Chair looks oh-so-pretty as though it’s straight out of someone’s Pinterest board! Playful and whimsical vibes aplenty, each and every element of the space is highly Instagrammable. As the place happens to be right next to Toit, one of the city's most decorated breweries, a visit is certainly warranted

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)

Located in the restored, heritage Manikyavelu Mansion on a sprawling 3.5 acres of land, the NGMA presents itself a pictureque landscape with well-maintained grassy lawns, ponds, and huge trees. That’s just the outside. Inside, the two-storeyed colonial-style residential building, you’ve got yourself over 500 plus modern art pieces to gawk at. Plenty for the feed? Without a doubt, yes!


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