Lemon Or Chocolate: A Greener Cup Of Coffee For A Healthier & In Shape You

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What Makes It Awesome

We've 'bean' thinking of jumping on a ride that takes us to healthy town for a long time now and bet you have had similar thoughts too! Believe it or not, if you want to get there faster, green coffee beans are the answer. So, we've found you Greenbrrew, India's first instant green coffee.

This Indian coffee brand claims that (without having to make any major lifestyle changes), you will feel a considerable difference in your body, be it in terms of metabolism, boosting energy or reducing weight; you simply have to sip on any of their brews. What sets this green coffee apart is the fact that they use 100 percent unroasted, organic Arabica beans unlike other green coffees that make use of Robusta. For Arabica is believed to aid in quicker weight loss.

These health benefits sure are a huge plus but what has us even more excited are the flavours and how easy it is to whip up, given that it is instant after all! Greenbrrew retails everything from Lemon, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut to Tulsi flavoured green coffee all of which start at prices of INR 300 for a 30g pack. We like the sound of Ethiopia, a green apple and cinnamon flavoured instant coffee, and for those of us who miss the roasted coffee experience, they've got Cappuccino! 

An online-only brand, Greenbrrew ships nationwide and to a few countries internationally. Anything you purchase has an 18 month shelf life. You can Shop On LBB or through their official website. 


Welcome friends to your soon-to-be green coffee clan by sending them Greenbrrew's special gifting sets. In light of Covid-19, Greenbrrew has also launched a limited range of sanitisers and surface disinfectents.


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