Sunday Brunch Plans? Inntense Has Arrived With A New Menu, Check It Out Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Went to Inntense on a Sunday evening with a bunch of fellow foodies and we tried a lot of stuff from the new menu.

Here's all that we ordered:

Fisherman's bourbon (5/5): Jim beam based cocktail with fresh grapefruit, it was my favourite of the night.

Inntense devil (4/5): had one sip and my mouth burnt. This one is a devilish drink for sure. The chilli is strong but looks beyond that and you will appreciate this chilli martini for sure.

Elderflower blossom (4/5): this Gin based cocktail is a hit with fans of elderflower syrup.

Red carpet (4/5): Pomegranate with vodka made for quite an interesting concoction.

Belgium chocoholic (5/5): rum with dark chocolate ganache instantly made this one a favourite for foodies.

Spencer Lake (4/5): white rum with rose syrup and subtle flavours of egg white made for a very good looking cocktail and fans of whiskey sour will enjoy this cocktail.

Melon bull (4/5): decent mocktail with watermelon juice and red bull.

Apricot guava blast (4/5): great-looking mocktail which tasted good too. Especially loved the cinnamon flavour at the top.

Kiwi dream (5/5): the best mocktail of the night and if you are a kiwi lover like some in my group, you would easily have 2-3 of these. It's made of crushed kiwi, vanilla ice cream, apple juice and fresh cream.

Paneer tikka trio (5/5): yummy and paneer tikka pairs well with any drink.

Shikampuri sev tikka (4/5): good starter to pair with drinks.

Mediterranean falafel (3.5/5): disappointed with the hummus. The falafel and pita were nice.

Spanakopita (3/5): Indian take on Greek pie. This was okayish.

Peshawari Seekh Kebab (3.5/5): the mutton was too chewy else this could have been a 4.5 or even 5.

Inntense Chicken Kebab (4/5): The kebab was succulent and soft but could do with more spices and flavour.

The Italian Job’ (3.5/5): this fish tikka was average. The fish should have been cooked longer.

Crumbed prawns (5/5): the best dish of the day. Perfectly cooked, delicious and went well with the cocktails.

Main Course:
Cottage Cheese Steak (4.5/5): the best main course. The spicy makhani flavour was delicious.

Inntense Chicken Steak (3.5/5) too hard to cut through but the flavours and the perfect mashed potatoes saved the dish

Inntense Mutton Curry (4/5) good yummy curry but the mutton was a little chewy

TGI Sundae (3/5) was too sweet for my taste.

S’more Dessert Pizza (3/5) too hard a crust and the Oreos are on top.

What Could Be Better?

The desserts were average compared to food and drinks.

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Big Group, Family, Bae

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