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Forget Stargazing, Gear Up For Planet Gazing For The Next 20 Days

Aakanksha posted on 25 January

Ten-second takeaway

Here’s your very rare chance to see five planets in alignment. Gear up for a Tomb Raider-style celestial show, peeps!

Celestial show

Skywatchers, ahoy! This is your once-in-a-decade opportunity to see a night show like never before as five planets will line up for the next 20 or so days. The line-up includes Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. A first for people born in the 90s. And the best part is, we have an edge in terms of great seats as it’s easier to spot from the southern part of the northern hemisphere. Mercury will be easiest to see from about 28 January to 2 February and that is apparently the most elusive of the planets for us. Now let’s all just hope that the rain, clouds and fog stay away because the best time to get a clear view is about 45 minutes before sunrise. So set those alarm clocks for 4.45am, bring out the telescopes (although it is visible to the naked eye too) and get planet spotting. Just to mix things up though, they say that such rare planetary alignments, mean that doomsday too is on the horizon. But do you believe in that kind of stuff?

Where: Ideally an open space like a ground or terrace.

When: Until February 20, depending on weather conditions.

Featured image via: Nick Bramhall