Drop By This Outlet For Their Delicious Varieties Of Soya Chaap!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Mockchop serves mock meat aka Soya chaap in a delicious new avatar with flavours and textures that your palate can only experience and drool. What’s different about this place as compared to the umpteen restaurants also serving soya chaap is, here the menu comprises and celebrates only those dishes where Soya chaap is incorporated. Second is their cooking process of two level marination, the soya chaap is first marinated in mustard oil to make it tender, to give a better meat lime tender texture and then a second marination of the actual flavour profile. Be it the Afghani chaap, where the second marination is a super yummy creamy sauce or the tandoori chaap, which brings out the strong smoky tandoori flavours alive in the soya chaap or the popular Achaari chaap, which incorporates an interesting mango achaar kick in every bite.

We met at Mockchop and did a blind fold tasting of some of the dishes, and all we could relate them was their non-vegetarian equivalent, be it the Galouti kebab, the Tandoori tikka or the Achari.

They do have Kheema cheese samosa which had a decadent cheese and vegetarian soya kheema mix that was superbly delish with a nice cheese pull as an additional bonus. Do try their other two samosa variants, with plain cheese filling and the one with just the Kheema chaap filling.

For mains I tried their butter Masala chaap with their delicious chaap filled kulcha and yummy naan, the Butter masala chaap was absolutely spot on, delicious to the core, with great flavours and amazing textures. The filling in the kulcha was absolutely perfect, beautifully seasoned, wonderfully stuffed like the real deal. Did love the lassi alongside, perfectly cold, mildly sour, slightly sweet, just beautiful.

For all you Chicken biriyani fans you are up for a vegetarian chicken biriyani treat here in mock chop. The version served here is as delicious as the real deal minus the meat. Come try the Awadhi chaap biriyani here and you won’t be disappointed. I absolutely loved the delicious flavourful smoky taste from this awadhi preparation. Mock meat or not, this is one well-made biriyani that is extremely tasty as it is. When you dig in and get to the mock meat layers the texture of the deliciously marinated chaap makes you not to miss the ‘chicken’

Is mockchop is a meat eaters heaven on vegetarian days & a vegetarian's holy grail to understand why non-vegetarians love meat, not actually. It’s not a debate, meat lovers love meat & vegetarians love their veggies, mock chop just tries to bring in a concept of what if vegetarian food can remain vegetarian and showcase non vegetarian textures, just create interesting dishes in that process and keep it just that, without over analysing on is this going to replace that.

Interesting menu, great concept, absolutely delicious, flavourful food, must try for vegetarians to experience how chicken biriyani would be, and for non-vegetarians to be surprised by the ‘mock’ chicken.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group.

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