Iyer Idly Is Thippasandra's Best Kept Secret For Fluffy Idlis And Fresh Coconut Chutney

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What Makes It Awesome

Open from 6.30 am to 11.30 am daily, this hole-in-the-wall joint is home to some of the fluffiest idlis we have eaten this side of town. Fluffy like clouds, you’ll probably eat about half a dozen of them on any given day. We managed about five on our visit. Served with just nothing but spicy, fresh coconut chutney, your breakfast is sorted. Or as the millennial in our group said, “Homies, this be a lit breakfast!”

Crowded seven-days a week, you will see this place is a hub for office goers, college students, and the likes who are munching on idlis while also getting some parcelled for lunch. You won’t believe us when we say this, but you can parcel anywhere between one idli to 50 idlies. With each idli costing INR 10, and ulimited chutney for that amount, feel free to bring some home.

The shop sells idli and dosa batter if you ask them nicely. The batter is made fresh every and must be consumed in two-three days. Oh, and these get sold out too just like the hot, hot idlis.

What Could Be Better

It's an idli shop, so there's no place for sitting and eating, and they don't do deliveries. So it's best to plan to head there if you're not from the area, and head there for takeaway. 


Should you want to bring anything home, do take your own utensils for the same. From December 1, 2020, they plan to be open in the evenings as well from around 6pm. So this could be a great tiffin option. 

In light of the pandemic, please be sure to wear your mask while stepping out. Iyer Idli is a small shop so we cannot guarantee how crowded the area will or wont be. 


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