This Artist Sells Recycled Wood Based Artwork And We Love It!

What Makes It Awesome

Jayanthi, the founder of Janthe started out by quilling and making coffee art. She has now moved on to painting on wood. Using scrap wood found at construction sites, she collects and recycles plywood to create a work of art by painting on it. You could use these to wall art or even have names painted on them to use as name boards outside your house. She has readymade pieces that you can pick up, or choose to get something customised.

If you’d like, you can choose to get the paintings done on maple and fine wood, starting at INR 650 (and goes up to INR 3,500 depending on how intricate the designs are). Whether you need inspiring words for the kitchen like "Baking Is My Super Power", "My Apron Is My Cape" and "Bloom Where You Are Planted". This makes for a great 'new-house' gift or one for yourself! Since the brand is home-based, follow their social media to know where and when pop-ups are happening or contact her on her phone number to place an order!


Jayanthi even makes paperweights using rocks that she paints over to make them look like cute ladybirds.