Eat Japanese Souffle Pancakes At This Koramangala Cafe That Also Has Waffle Fries And Bubble Tea

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Let's Souffle in Koramangala is apparently the first cafe in Bangalore to do Japanese souffle pancakes with all sorts of toppings. Plus, Insta-worthy vibes, waffle fries, and bubble tea to check out too. 

What Makes It Awesome

When it comes to new cafes in Koramangala, there's always something new for you to check out. This time around, it's soft, fluffy, and jiggly Japanese souffle pancakes from Let's Souffle. It's touted to be the first cafe in Bangalore to do such pancakes, and obviously, we went all guns blazing and ordered ourselves two kinds -- the Bubble Knot and the Dark Maze. While we waited for our pancakes, we got some neat Insta-worthy photographs, as the cafe is done up in a cyan and yellow paint scheme. Cute and popping! 

The pancakes are jiggly as advertised, but what you don't realise is if you are going there solo after a meal, you might find the pancakes to be a bit too much (like one of us did). But if you are hungry or haven't had anything, you will be polishing off the Bubble Knot pancake that comes with cream cheese filling, rich creme anglaise and chewy the tapioca bubbles. Chocoholics, the Maze will have you smiling gleefully in having wiped out the dark chocolate ganache and of course, the entire plate clean. 

If it gets too sweet for you (it might for some), then we recommend the waffle fries with peri peri topping along with bubble iced tea with popping boba. Peach iced tea any day!


They also have waffles should you be interested in going all out on your cheat day. 


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