Hit Up This Homegrown Food Brand For Local, Comfort And Seasonal Flavours In A Jar

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What Makes It Awesome

Can one ever have enough of pickles, jams or preserves? We sure cannot and are super glad to have Jarred Homemade in our lives that’s concocting some seriously delicious flavours. We’re talking about Apple Pie in a jar folks! Exactly, who would’ve known that we were missing out on something this basic. 

A mother-daughter venture, Jarred was born out of Priyanka Erappa’s love for her mum’s pickles and the need to give the peeps in the city a taste of her native, Coorg. A raging hit among some of their regular customers is the spicy Pork Pickle, that typically sells out before you say pickle (we aren’t surprised)! Another home favourite is the Bitter Orange or Kaipuli Chutney, a bitter, sweet, tangy, savoury concoction that is perfect with roti. Also on the savoury list is a Tuna Pickle and a Mushroom Pickle (yes vegetarians, we haven’t left you out).

For those who love their jams, preserves and relishes, grab the Apple Pie Spread, to load onto some warm toast with butter, for your fill of the humble, comforting apple pie. There’s also Strawberry and Pineapple jams and a Grape preserve to delight them fruit lovers. What we adore the most about this brand is the fact that aside from getting a taste of Priyanka’s mum’s recipes, the duo also crowd sources favourite pickle and jam recipes from other families, bringing you flavours of other homes through what they hold dear. (Currently, a Tomato Chutney is being tried and tested in the kitchen!)


Note that most of what’s on offer depends on what’s in season (fruit, veggies and everything in between) and need to be Dunzo-ed (DM them ASAP!) The Fish and Pork pickle is priced at INR 300, the Mushroom is INR 250 and the rest costs INR 200 (they all come packed in 200ml mason jars).


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