Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic: At This One-Stop Plastics Shop For Your Household Needs

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Just moved into Rajajinagar and need to pick up kitchen supplies? Head To Jarurat Plastic World for jars, dustbins, bottles and well...everything plastic!

What Makes It Awesome

Jarurat Plastic World, named aptly (Jarurat means need) is a store in Rajajinagar that stocks up on all kinds of household goods. They deal with all kinds of plastics (except the Mean Girls kind) and is very close to ESI hospital in the area. Although it looked like a basic shop from the outside, once we took a walk around we realised it was practically a one-stop shop for all kitchen essentials.

With rows of tiffin boxes and water bottles in different colours and patterns, they also sold a variety of plastic jars (to keep your masalas and rasam powders in) in different shapes and sizes. With dustbins and buckets to mugs and bowls on display, we also saw stools and storage boxes which you can hide under your bed and bring out whenever needed. Laundry baskets, vegetable holders, hanging pots, peelers and graters and more are all available here starting at INR 10 and go up to a maximum of INR 700.


As much as we loved the store, we’d like to give you a gentle reminder not to use too much plastic. You can check out how to lead a plastic-free life here