Freely Take Your Pick: These Teas & Coffees Are All Certified Organic!

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What Makes It Awesome

Strong. Fragrant. Essential. Tea and Coffee gurus relate to these terms all too well, on the daily. So we knew that this discovery of a great new online store that sorts both finds will be much appreciated. Jarved delivers a fine selection of loose leaf teas and fresh ground coffee from across only USDA certified organic farms in India, China and Japan. Living by the earth to jar mantra, the brand works hard to eliminate all middlemen, handpicks and produces only micro batches of tea and coffee to ensure premium freshness. Full points for this! 

In the tea department, there's enough to choose from that we're sure even the pickiest of chai drinkers will find something to their delight. Having said that it isn't overwhelming, there are 8 teas and 14 wellness herbal concoctions. Our bets are on the fragrant Coconut Cinnamon Black, Gunpowder Green Tea and Chamomile Lemongrass. Prices range between INR 299 to INR 399 for a 100gm including Matcha, which is pretty affordable. 

Coffee is a worldly affair at Jarved from Columbian Arabica Instant Freeze Dried Coffee to Monsoon Malabar and Mysore Instant. What's common across the board though is that you won't need any equipment to brew them, given they are all instant. Pay INR 499 for any 150gm tin. Jarved also goes that extra step to use only biodegradable, recyclable and reusable packaging. Place your orders here by hitting the 'Enquire Now' button and have your tea/coffee shipped anywhere in the country. 


Jarved is super transparent in that they disclose the provenance of all their products. From the season, batch number, aroma, taste, picking date or certification, you will find all deets on their products. To introduce someone to the Jarved World buy them the Jarved Madhubani Gift Box that is beautiful madhubani painted box enclosing teas of the world (15 variants) and the Mysore special instant coffee.


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