Jean-Claude Biguine's Revamped Mani-Pedi Service is Relaxation 101

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Lovers of mani-pedis, listen up. Jean-Claude Biguine {JCB} has just introduced South African brand Bio Sculpture {made with lovely things like lavender extract, tea tree oil and dried rose petals} to be used as part of their classic manicures and pedicures.

What's all the fuss about?

Bio Sculpture’s lotions, creams and soaks are used in spas across the world, and are only meant for hands and feet. And now they will be used across all JCBs  in the country with a special training given to the mani-pedi technicians in every salon. The products feel great on our skin and we can still feel the effects a few days later. JCB also has high standards for hygiene, with disposable nail files and emery boards, and the therapists wearing gloves while they work on your nails.

A great way to de-stress

We tried out their classic pedicure, and found it super hygienic and relaxing. It starts with an anti-fungal lotion to prevent infections that can arise due to the weather or wearing closed shoes. They then cut and filed our nails, used a cream with tea tree oil, lavender extract and collagen to soften and trim cuticles, and then asked us to dip our feet in a potpourri soak that includes dried rose petals, which felt amazing and softened our feet nicely for the good scrubbing that followed. The massage with the hand and foot butter, though, was the star. We’ve tried out a bunch of pedicures over time, and we have to say that this massages at JCB, which used pressure point therapy, is outstanding and what truly makes the experience so relaxing.

So we're thinking...

The products from the Bio Sculpture brand smell quite pleasant, though the fragrance isn’t anything to write home about. They do, however, feel incredible on your skin and the massage, especially, is so worth the time and money you spend. The prices, while not low by any standards, are worth the service offered.

Where: Find a JCB salon near you here.

Price: INR 750 for the manicure, INR 850 for the pedicure

Find them on Facebook here.


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