Go On A Breakfast & Snacks Diet And Still Be Healthy With This Brand's Foods!

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What Makes It Awesome

Granted that Jedi's are guardians of peace and justice in a whimsical universe, but hear us out -- to guard the peace, joy and sanity of our tum tums in the real world, we give you Jeddi aka Jeddi Foods! And no we're not misleading you with a title like that. We mean it, you can enjoy possibly two of the world's favourite meal times -- breakfast and snacks, guilt-free and in the process help your health. Where do we sign you up? Nowhere, just click on Shop Now and you will have access to all of Jeddi's amazing foods.

Founded by journalist turned entrepreneur, Shilpa, Jeddi Foods is popular for Protein Rich Granolas and Protein Rich Baked Namkeens. Shilpa emphasises that research (having travelled to over 25 countries meeting chefs and enjoying local flavours) and ingredients that you actually know and understand is key to her brand. The results are foods rich in plant based proteins, minerals and fibers like watermelon seeds, cranberries, flax seeds, bajra, jowar and isolate whey.  She also shares that she personally cooks and taste tests all batches before it goes into a packet.

Coming to the important bit, the flavours and what's on offer -- firstly everything free of gluten grains and some vegan too! We love all the Baked Namkeens but especially the Jeddi Signature with almonds, peanuts, soybean, a spice blend and super hot green chillies. Chilli Garlic, Piri Piri and Chatpata Pudina are other options. Breakfast is deceivingly indulgent with Kheer, Rosemary Oats & Nuts and Chocolate Brownie Granola on the menu! Who would've thought pleasure and health go hand in hand? 


Since quality ingredients and best hygiene practices go into the making of Jeddi Foods, prices for their granolas start at INR 299 upwards for 125 gms and INR 699 upwards for 300 gms and INR 249 upwards for namkeens. Presently, on sale on The LBB Shop though!


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