Nice Buns: This Delivery Service Sells Some Of The Best Burgers In The City!

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What Makes It Awesome

Jethro’S (named after the owner, Jethro’S) started out as a midnight delivery spot that took pride in its strange combinations. Today, with all day and night delivery, it has become a crowd-favourite ! Here, you can choose from a variety of burgers – be it chicken, ham, bacon, pork, beef or vegetarian, and blend it with a dash of peanut butter, a slap of avocado or even chocolate and banana (you heard that right!). These combinations might sound bizarre but we’ve tried them all and they taste delicious (we especially like the topping of peanut butter). Delivering to all corners of the city (thanks to beloved Dunzo), Jethro’S is every Bangalorean’s dream come true. 

With prices starting at INR 160 for a single patty burger, there are options for double and even triple patties in case you want to gorge on a massive burger. Apart from burgers, you’ll find extras on their menu like chicken wings, cookies and even peanut butter bacon ice-cream. Order in or visit the restaurant to try some of the best burgers in the city! Note that they aren't available on delivery aggregators though, so get in touch with Jethro directly to order burgers and have them picked up.


Covid-19 Update: Jethro's has a dine-in restaurant in Hennur that is now temporarily shut. But stay tuned to their Instagram page for updates. When they do, and when its entirely safe to step out, make a trip to enjoy their bright and happy space and take your furry four-legged pals for a burger meal as well.