Strawberry Jam And Guava Nectar: This Local Label Specialises In Homemade, Preservative Free Jams

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What Makes It Awesome

Locally made, Jewels In A Jar is a budding brand that bottles up all-natural jams and delivers it your home. When not killing it in the agribusiness industry, Siddhartha Das is busy churning out jams from his home kitchen. After converting his friends and family into life-long customers, Das is now dishing out the jams to customers across the city. 

For the winters, he’s bottling up freshly-made, preservative-free strawberry jam that’ll brighten up your morning toast or your evening snack time. He also bottles of Guava Nectar, again made only with Nature-blessed ingredients. You can give him a call or leave him a message on the label’s Insta page and they’ll Dunzo the bottles to you. Prices begin at INR 160 per bottle.

What Could Be Better

As of now the only flavours on offer are Strawberry and guava. However, Das says that he hopes to experiment with flavours in the near future. 


Hosting a wedding or a big event? Order up bottles of jam as giveaways. Place your order well in advance though since they’ll need time to deliver your order, hit 'Enquire Now' to do so.


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