Keep Cool This Summer With Jigarthanda From This Cafe In Malleshwaram

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Whether it’s twisty potatoes, waffle sundaes or cold beverages to keep cool in this heat, Jigarthanda in Malleshwaram has you covered without burning a hole in your pocket.

What Makes It Awesome

Jigarthanda is a small cafe in Malleshwaram (right opposite to Reliance Trends) with just two tables inside. The name comes from a refreshment that helps to keep cool during the summer. Beat the heat with their traditional refreshments or try their flavourful vanilla and strawberry jigarthanda. For those of you who don’t like chocolate and prefer fruitier flavours, try their Tutti Frutti waffles. If you like khatti meethi, we suggest their masala based soft drinks for a slightly spicy aftertaste. They even do Jigar cones which are ice creams (which are basically softees).

Pocket-friendly for quick bites, the menu is made up of different kinds of waffles, rolls and snacks to quench your thirst. For starters, they have wedges, smileys, nuggets and twisty potato. Their waffles are available in a variety of flavours, both sweet and savoury, we especially liked the Belgian waffles. Bite into their paneer and manchurian rolls with scrumptious sauces and fillings. Starting at INR 25 and going up to a maximum of INR 90, head here on the days you’re broke for a filling meal.


The cafe doesn’t have too many seating options, so this is the best option for grabbing a quick bite unless you enjoy standing around and hanging.