Nutella Pancakes Or Butter Chicken Burgers, Satisfy Your Cravings At This Cafe In JP Nagar

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For all your mid day, evening and sweet tooth cravings say hello to JP Nagar’s newest Insta-worthy cafe – The Cravery.

What Makes It Awesome

The restaurant and cafe culture on JP Nagar’s 100 feet road is mushrooming, and we found a welcoming cafe that’s perfect for a long catch up session or a quick date. Split between Chicken Man and The Cravery, the cafe is heavy on the European street cafe vibe, to cater to all our cravings be it at 11 am or 7 pm. And we take a hint of credit for this lovely place, as we coaxed (OK threatened) Anu Nagpal to bring her amazing desserts to the LBB Dessert Bazaar back in 2016, and then her husband, Vishal, also coaxed/threatened her to start an enterprise. From being a home baker, and now this, you can see why we want a finger in this pie! 

The menu is designed around our regular munchies, but with a twist. We’re talking about dishes like butter chicken burger, reconstructed kotthu paratha and cupcake milkshakes. With a range of eggs and omelettes made to order, their breakfast platter is a good option if you’ve just woken up and need a big breakfast with fluffy eggs, a pav and baked beans. The star of the show was the pesto mushroom pot pie with perfectly balanced flavours and a buttery crust, which is also available with a butter chicken filling, but we preferred the mushroom. Their hearty chicken sandwich was also satisfying (for those club sandwich cravings we feel), especially if you’re planning to share.

Eat your dessert before (or for) your meal. Like us, if you crave pancakes with Nutella (or the classic maple syrup), they have some of our all time favourite breakfast food with many options to top it. Can’t decide? Just order their topped pancake poppers on skewers (also great to share). To wash it all down, their ‘Hope’ shake topped with decadent cupcakes is a great when you can’t decide between dessert and a drink. Seriously, it was sweet enough to be its own dessert, so skip it if you don’t like anything too sweet. For dessert, they have banoffee pie, and other fresh baked desserts up on the counter daily. We would’ve loved to try their coffee, but their machine was broken so we now have an “official” reason to visit again!


The cafe is right under J. Nagar’s Coconut Grove, so if Google Maps directs you to a random location (like it did to us), change your destination. Or walk down from the Cafe Coffee Day on that road.


Happy Earth = Happy People. Coffee = Happy Me. Should tell you enough about me.