Ditch Lalbagh And Head To This 85 Acre Park That Has Three Lakes And A Musical Fountain

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Looking for a tranquil spot for a morning jog or for a family outing? Then, JP Park in Mathikere is the green paradise you’re looking for.

What Makes It Awesome

Jayaprakash Narayan Biodiversity Park (J.P. Park), located in North Bangalore’s Mathikere neighbourhood, is where you can catch a breath of fresh air. Developed by the BBMP, the park is Bangalore’s third largest. Spread across 85 acres, the park boasts of a 4.5-kilometre jogging track that takes you through the park’s lush environs which include over 250 plant species. When you want to give your aching feet a moment’s rest, then find a cool spot by any of the park’s three water bodies (you can even feed fish at a couple of them), or at a gazebo.

JP Park makes for a family getaway as well. You can spend a day here with the kiddies and explore the park’s many offerings. The star attraction here is the musical fountain that is on showy display on the weekends. They also have a quaint and colourful rock garden that’s popular with the tiny tots. The BBMP also has a swimming pool on the premises and your babies can sign up for classes. 

What Could Be Better

Taking the kids along? Well, the playground with the swings and the ladders and whatnot tends to fill up on weekends. So make sure you get there either early in the morning or evening so that your kid has plenty of space to run around. 


The park does not allow eatables from outside but you can find plenty to nibble on at their food court. In the evenings, you can also grab a snack at the bustling food stalls that pop up outside the gates of the park.


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