Ten-Second Takeaway

Aussie-themed Kangaroo Bar & Kitchen makes for a colourful party spot. The bar snacks, steaks, cheery cocktails and the dance floor serve as highlights. They are yet to bring out their Aussie specials though.

Chow Down

Cheese Poppers, Nachos, Sirloin Steak

Sip On

Kangaroo Margarita

Winning For

Bar eats and steaks that hit the right spot and the fact that you can take a whirl on the dance floor.

Lowdown On The Ambience

On the first level, lamps, pillars, and even the bar chandelier is plastered with colourful, stick-on graffiti that pays ode to the Australian theme. A giant rendition of the Australian continent, ostrich and clown fish stare at you from the lamps, and there’s obviously a kangaroo too. On the second floor, the dance floor takes prominence with bar stools and comfy sofas arranged all around it.

World On A Plate

Photo Source: Kangaroo Bar & Kitchen

Photo Source: Kangaroo Bar & Kitchen

First things first, Kangaroo Bar & Kitchen is still working on its bar and kitchen menu, the Aussie dishes and drinks are pointedly missing. So, the menu is a hodgepodge of American, Continental, and Indian flavours. The bar offerings don’t steer too far from the tried and tested either. Like we noticed with the Kangaroo Margarita {a drink that’s not part of the regular menu but should be included soon}. The potency of the tequila is helped along by the Blue Curacao and a generous squirt of lime gives the drink a lovely zest.

If you love to go through piles of food while you are drinking, then, the nachos will serve you well. We tried the vegetarian version, and the chopped up olives, tomatoes, and onions that sat on top on the sizeable pile of cheese-coated chips ensured the dish wasn’t too heavy. The Cheese Poppers {crispy, panko-crumbed balls filled with molten cheese and jalapenos} might not keep things light but satisfies the soul. However, the Coriander & Mint Chicken was undercooked and the sauce had little flavour.

The Sirloin Steak was a different story. We got a generous chunk of meat with a bit of pinkness to it that was doused in a pepper sauce. The crunchy wedges, tossed in spices and slivers of onion, was a welcome addition. The sugary spaghetti was a miss.

So We’re Thinking…

If you are a self-confessed party animal, this place is sure to show you a good time on a Saturday night. However, if you prefer a quieter outing, then, a weekday lunch will work best. Ladies Night are on Wednesdays and they also offer Sunday Brunches.

Feature Photo: Kangaroo Bar & Kitchen