Medu Vada To Shami Kebab: Cook Easy With Mixes And Marinades From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Making idly-sambhar is quite easy -- you need to soak the idly rice and urad dal overnight, then you need to grind it and get a smooth batter, and then you need that to ferment. And then to make the sambhar, first you... okay it's still easy, but it's just that it takes time and if you don't have time, we give you Karamat. The brand does easy-to-use mixes that will have you make idly, dosa, upma, vada, and sambhar in no time. 

Apart from the breakfast mixes, we are interested in adding marinades to our cart. The Peri-Peri marinade has our heart because it's been ages since we've been to Nando's and we could all do with some peri peri in our life right now. But if you are looking for some closer to home marinades, then there's the Kalmi Kebab and Hariyali Kebab marinades. We recommend you buy a mix of these mixes and marinades and make a feast out of it. 


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