Sing Like You're Winning At These Four Karaoke Hotspots In Kammanahalli

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Karaoke doesn’t really come to mind, when you think Kammanahalli, right? “Kammanahattan” as it is popularly called, is where we usually end up looking for an alternate dining out experience. But looks like, English music karaoke is pretty popular in Kammanahalli, thanks to not one but four popular pubs that offer the mic to you to sing as you please. From lovers of AC/DC to Adele and from bathroom singers to blues gurus — there’s place for everyone at the karaoke nights of Kammanahalli’s neighbourhood pubs. Here’s your chance to hit up these pubs on different days of the week post a hectic day at work. Trust us, you’re sure to have a blast and sing your heart out!

Sherlock's Pub

The Kammanahalli edition of Sherlock’s pub comes with floor-length glass windows and dim lighting. What makes their Wednesday karaoke nights super special is the lovely Karaoke Jockey duo, Rachna and Naveen. They know just how to get the crowd going and inspire the shy ones to open up in front of the mic. The crowd here is young and enjoy the latest hits while sipping on draught beer. The music lovers will gather around the console for some dancing, while others can be found shooting some pool and taking in the good vibes.

The Local

The Local features green brick walls and a retro vibe. The videos and karaoke lyrics are projected on a wall with a vintage-style box TV painted on it. Blaring all-time favourite rock numbers and retro classics, this difficult-to-spot pub lures in a good crowd with its Bangalore’s-beloved soundtracks. The alcohol is priced perfectly for penny-pinchers {look out for the Goan favourite, Kings beer}. The menu offers plenty of bar snacks and every Thursday, Karaoke Jockey Josh runs the show. #LBBTip If you need a customised drink, food recommendation, a favourite song or directions to the loo, don’t hesitate to #askKiran {the manager}.

Firehouse Bar & Kitchen

Fridays at Firehouse are really something else! You can find amazing vocalists who match voices with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder or even AC/DC’s Brian Johnson. Rappers who go impromptu and spice up Slim Shady’s blockbusters and deep voiced ladies who improvise on classics, are regulars here. You’ll even find manager Samuel nailing some Dire Straits numbers once in a while. The whole crowd sings along and cheers no matter what you’re singing so there’s no need for the nerves to kick in. Order the cheese-corn nuggets with their amazing chilli-mayo dip. Make sure you have a nice, big tower of draught beer to keep you company because you ain’t leaving till the place closes down.

Connie's Restaurant & Steakhouse

A homely restaurant with friendly staff, typical for brunch, Connie’s is a popular pick in Kammanahalli. Karaoke Jockeys Sherman Lal and Rohit Pereira host the karaoke nights on Fridays and Saturdays respectively. 70s, 80s and a little bit of 90s music is what plays around here. Retro classics is a huge hit here. Regulars vouch for the Jack Daniels chicken steak and the wine-based cocktails here, as opposed the usual beer.


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