Visit Kargeens In Koramangala For Late Night Chills With Your Buddies

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    I really liked Kargeens In Koramangala, where I recently visited. Their unique food fusion and ambience was really nice, but hookah was on a different level. Definitely, try their hookah as they have a lot of options available. Also, their salads {both Mexican & Ceaser} are awesome.

    What Could Be Better?

    Nothing, everything seemed perfect.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    You just have to taste their hazelnut coffee, it's really nice. A cup of that alongside a nice conversation is like a dream come true.

    Anything Else?

    Kargeens also houses some fantastic board games, so you may end up having fun-filled evenings with your pals.
      Koramangala, Bangalore