Check Out This Amazing Charcoal Face Mask For Men!

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7X Activated Charcoal Face Wash Brightening - 100ml

7X Activated Charcoal Face Wash Brightening - 100ml


What Makes It Awesome?

I have been using this Man Arden Charcoal Face Mask for 2 weeks. It makes your skin fresh and glowy. It cleans your skin very deeply and also leaves it quite smooth. It is best for people who have Oily skin and this face mask absorbs all the excess oil from your skin. It removes most of the impurities which are caused by pollution. How to use it?

1. Apply an even layer on cleansed dry face.
Smooth the mask all over, avoid in eye area &
2. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it with water and massage it in a circular motion until all residue is removed. It deeply cleanses the dirt on your face and also washes off any unwanted oil from the face too. The menthol in it makes your skin feel fresh.

Use it once or twice a week for better results.

P.S: the quantity is a bit less for the price but worth it and also do a patch test before applying.

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