Parents, No Need To Panic: Keep Your Kids Healthy & Happy During This Pandemic!


During these unpredictable times, with every one working from home, families practicing social distancing from others and schools being shut, situations might seem a bit overwhelming. However, with a little bit of planning on a daily basis, you can effectively manage tasks for yourself and your kids during the quarantine period. Here’s a little guide from us to help you stay safe and stay sane.

Say Hello To Doctor Online

If you suspect symptoms that require a diagnosis for your child, stay calm. Just log onto Rainbow Children’s Hospital website for an online video consultation, from the comfort of your home. Fill in your child’s personal details and expect a call within a few minutes from the hospital’s call centre for an appointment. Once you’ve consulted the doctor online, only patients needing physical examination or those with a healthcare emergency will be asked to visit the hospital.

Chart A Daily Routine

Setting a routine for the day is important so that your child doesn’t fall out of their regular school routine. Set tasks for them activity wise—including both work and play time—in a vibrant and attractive way. You can even lay down some ground rules and expectations. Get the kids along to write and draw their schedule and own up to it.

Come Together For Household Chores

Engage and involve the children in household activities such as washing fruits and vegetables, helping with house cleaning, filling water bottles etc. Instill a sense of responsibility and togetherness in the house. Consider rewarding them for all tasks completed too.

Manage Conflicts At Home

You’re staying with your kids 24x7, so conflicts are bound to happen. Resolving them calmly and patiently is important. You can get together with your family during the day, give a chance to each person to speak and then convey your opinion too. Maybe, make the person addressing wear a hat to add a light hearted moment. This way, everyone in the family convenes together and gets heard too!

Indulge In Self Care

Lastly, don’t forget to steal a couple of hours in the day to indulge in personal care. It can be for a solitary book reading session, meditation or yoga in the balcony or even just brewing that perfect cup of tea. Take turns with your partner and others in the family to manage the kids and housework. Let them know about the time and block those hours for yourself.