Visit Kempegowda Museum & Learn About The Founder Of The City

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located on the first floor of Mayo Hall, the museum is dedicated to Yelahanka Chieftain Kempegowda (1513- 1569), who is considered to have been the founder of the city of Bangalore. An interesting feature of the museum is its glassed floor, which has a print of an 18th-century map running all through it.

Visitors can walk over it, and see and learn the old names of places including the four towers that Kempegowda built to mark the limits of Bangalore. There is an imposing fiberglass statue of Kempegowda in the middle of the gallery. The display throws light on the Yelahanka clan, their commerce, water systems, and religious paraphernalia, and the foundation of the city of Bangalore. There are old pictures of forts, temples, and other buildings that Kempegowda built during his reign.

Best To Go With?

Family and Kids

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