Karimeen Or Duck Roast: Achayyan's Is True-Blue Kerala Food



    Hit up this place for authentic Malayalee food that is just like Mum makes at home.

    Who Is It For?

    For all you folk from Kerala who need their home food fix. Also, a great place for non vegetarians. It is also easy on the pocket.

    What Is The Ambience Like?

    Don’t expect much in terms of ambience. You’ll get basic plastic chairs to make yourself comfortable on. And a pleasant Cheta will come to take you order. Flashback from home, guys!

    Must Eat

    Fish fry {ask for fresh catch of the day}, Chicken Olathe and duck roast

    How Was My Experience?

    Let me start by saying, vegetarians, there’s not much for you. But they have a vegetarian meal which will sort you out. Now for the real deal. Duck roast is a must-have. They also have quail if you like it nice and spicy. Plus, you can’t go to a Kerala place and not have beef fry and chicken olathe. We paired it with the extra flaky Kerala paratha. So much win. Karimeen, lightly spiced and fried, is great too. Especially, if it’s fresh catch of the day.


    If you want to feast in the comfort of your home in your pajamas, order online or call for home delivery.