These Kerala Messes In SG Palya Will Set You Back Only By INR 150 For A Meal

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The perfect options for those of us who live in eternal fear of going completely and utterly broke, we have two words for you – Kerala Messes. Without even remotely burning a hole in your pocket, these messes encourage hearty eating and sharing with the community {it’s table sharing, see}. So, the next time your broke but famished, here’s our pick of three messes near Christ University that will sort your out with great food at low prices. And you can’t really say no to Mallu food, can you?

Aby Mess

In our opinion, Aby’s mess wins the best beef fry award along with its yummy Moru curry. Once again the ambiance is not a highlight but we don’t go to messes for their ambiance now, do we? They start making and serving their Kerala parathas at 8 in the evening and therefore you will get fresh parathas if you turn up after that. Their prices are as cheap as it can get while their food is as tasty as it can get. Our favorites are the beef roast with Kerala paratha and their Kuppa biryani {smashed Tapioca with roasted beef mixed into the biryani}.  Their food is hot, spicy and transports you to Kerala itself.

Sanchari's Malabar Mess

At Sanchari’s Malabar Mess, the service is quick. Ambience is not the top priority here and therefore the mess appears a little shabby. Their priority is to get hot delicious food to their customers as quickly as possible. And to add to that, the portions here are really generous! The meat to go for here is the chicken as the beef paled in comparison. We hear their Kerala style biryani is killer as is their simple and flavourful fish curry meals. For specials, try the Kuppa and Meen Curry {mashed tapioca served with a piquant fish curry}. 





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