Ten-second takeaway

Khel Kalari, a three-day Kalaripayattu workshop, promises to engage your body, voice and imagination with this Kerala martial art form.

A fighting chance

Combining learning, creativity and martial arts, Khel Kalari (Kalari is a Malayalam word which means ‘a place of learning’) is a workshop on Kalaripayattu (originating in Kerala), which is believed to be one of the oldest existing martial art forms in the world. Facilitated by Arka Mukhopadhyay (physical performer and founder of Kolkata-based physical performance collective, The Arshinagar Project), the workshop will be a three-day program, limited to 20 participants.

Twists, turns and more

Each day’s session will start off with a warm-up that will use exercises and games to engage your body, breath, voice and imagination. The main segment of basic Kalaripayattu sequences will help you master the organic movement patterns which include stretches, twists, strikes, kicks and grappling. End the day with lessons on improvisation with movement and sound, and meditation. With the many benefits of the age-old practice, from building a heightened sense of self-awareness to enhancing breath focus, balance, flexibility and strength, we think this one is worth signing up for.

Where: Atta Galatta, 134, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala

When: Tuesday, January 19 to Thursday, January 21, 7.20pm-9pm

Contact: For registration, call +91 9663317731, rohini@thetreeoflife.in

Price: INR 1,200

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