Sharktooth Earrings Or Bison Head Pendants: Get On The Wild (But Delicate) Side With This Jewellery Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Skip the usual necklaces and pendants in favour of Kichu, a jewellery brand based out of Jaipur. You can dazzle with everything from bow shaped rings in gold-plated brass to chunky bison head pendants.Eponymously names after the founder, Kichu Dandiya, Kichu is all about bringing Indian artisans to the fore. Inspired by various ethnicities, the brand converts them into modern concepts that will have an unmistakable nod to tradition. If you wan to follow a trend however, look elsewhere because Kichu is all about being different.

At first look, you'll think it's "just" junk jewellery. It's far from. These are statement pieces (priced between INR 1,200 to about INR 5,000) with bold designs and delicate workmanship. We particularly love the representation of animals in the jewellery -- especially the antler horn necklace that will work with a saree and well as an LBD. You'll also find bison heads for pendants, shark-tooth earrings and pendants and claw-shaped earrings to complete your wild look. For the day you're not feeling adventurous, pick up the simple hoop earrings, spike chokers or the slightly offbeat Skarab neck piece. 


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