Check Out These Shops In Ganganagar For Cheap & Budget Kitchenware

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If you're looking to score some cheap utensils and kitchenware, 5th Main in Ganganagar is the place to be. Here are a list of shops which we found and would highly recommend for budget shopping. Bargain, bargain and bargain, it works!

Patel Industries

This shop, which is located in a basement of a building, is filled with shiny utensils. It has got everything ranging from a teaspoon to huge pans for cooking. Aluminium, copper or brass, they have it all. They are authorised dealers for Prestige cookers. They also undertake servicing orders to repair your damaged cooker. 

Bhagwathi Kitchenware

If you're someone who's looking for options when it comes to shopping anything and everything, then this place is for you. They have options stoves, crockery, kitchen appliances like mixer-grinder, roti makers, water purifiers, induction cooktops, and household appliances like iron. Check out their collection of thermoware products, be a little nice and you can even score a sweet deal. They also have storage boxes available in different sizes, to store your dals and pulses in. 

Salem Industries

If you're a bachelor living around the area, and don't want to invest a lot in your home appliances shopping, this shop is for you. Get sweet deals on water purifiers, induction stoves, and refrigerators. They have mini refrigerators that do not take up too much space, but does the job. You can always use it as a mini bar! 

Anjanaya Kitchenware

Looking for mixers and grinders? Head to this shop instead of the showroom, and get a sweet deal, by bargaining your way through. They also have some really handy utility products such as an indoor drying stand, which comes with hangers to dry your clothes indoors, during the rainy season. 

Navkar Department Stores

Whether you are moving houses or new to town, find all sorts of utility products for your house here. Everything from all kinds of utensils to small electronic appliances like mixers can be found here.  Office folks, this is your go-to place to get a budget lunchboxes that comes in all shapes and sizes -- be it compartment style, single boxes or even tiffin-carrier style.