Harvest Kokum, Listen To Folk Tales And Stay In A Farm This Weekend Near Gokarna

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What Is It?

It’s a six-day experiential trip to the coastal town of Gokarna where you will learn all about Kokum, a Western Ghats fruit-bearing forest tree. Organised by the BuDa Folklore, this experiential trip will have you learning all about kokum, how to harvest it and how to process it to make preserves. You will also use traditional methods to make kokum butter. Since it’s a six-day trip farm stay, expect a lot of activities, camping out, and music to be part of the itinerary.

Who Is It For?

The trip is open to all including kids, meanings families looking to spend summer time with their kids, this is one such event you can take part in. Solo travellers and couples who want to grow their social circle, you are more than welcome too. This is an experiential trip, so gear up for tree climbing, foraging for fruit, and basically getting your hands dirty.

Why Should Go For It?

It’s a six-day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city and should be the main reason. The second one is staying at forest farm of Angadibail near Gokarna, Ankola, in the middle of the wilderness. The whole trip is centred around kokum and it’s used for both culinary and medicinal purposes, so there’s a whole lot of learning involved too. You will also be doing a lot of hands-on activities such as learning the local crafts of the Ankola region. When there, indulge in basket making, jewellery making, and local art form for an authentic experience. The highlight, of course, is making goodies from kokum, so be sure to bring bottles/jar to take home some kokum preserves and butter too. Since the event is happening during a full moon weekend there’s going to be music, folktales, and folk dance too.

When: Saturday, April 28 to Thursday, May 3

Where: Angadibail, Ankola

Price: Please send a mail for registration and more details to budafolklore@gmail.com

You can find the Facebook Event page here.


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